Psychological testing, or assessment, can be helpful in many ways for many issues. I use testing to answer questions for clients, for parents, and for other mental health professionals.

You may feel confused about why you encounter the same problems over and over again. Whether it’s in relationships or in your work, you don’t understand why things seem to come easily to others and are much more difficult for you.

Possibly you’re in therapy and don’t understand why it isn’t working. You may be seeing an excellent therapist who came highly recommended, but you don’t seem to be making any progress.

Or perhaps you are the parent of an adolescent or young adult who just can’t seem to get going in life. While you know your child is bright enough and has had lots of good opportunities, he or she seems to be floundering without direction. You are concerned about time passing and leaving your child behind.

Here are just a few of the questions a psychological evaluation can address:

•   Why are my relationships going so poorly?

•   Why am I having so much trouble at work or school?

•   Am I clinically depressed?

•   Do I have ADD or ADHD?

•   What do I need in order to function better?

I work with my testing clients to help them figure out what their questions are. It is a collaborative process in which we are like detectives together trying to find the answers to your questions. Finding these answers, and demonstrating them to you, can be a therapeutic process in itself.

Psychological testing is like finding another view, a window into how you function and why. I use tests that have been around for decades and their uses are substantiated by a tremendous amount of research.


Psychological Testing


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