If you’re depressed, it may be hard for you to get up in the morning, hard to accomplish anything, or just hard to feel like your efforts are worth it. You feel negative or blah about things you used to enjoy. You are pretty hard on yourself and think others are doing better.

You may have suffered a recent loss, or have feelings about an old loss resurfacing. You may be in middle of a major life transition and feel like you don’t have the tools to handle it. Or you are battling old demons like being too hard on yourself, blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong, and not knowing how to find comfort anywhere.

Depression can include:

•Feeling blue, crying easily

•Feeling guilty

•Being irritable

•Being bored

•Having low energy

•Sleeping too little or too much

•Emotional eating or loss of appetite

•Feeling a lack of pleasure in activities

•Thoughts of suicide

You don’t have to be depressed. Feeling hopeless is the “dis-ease” of depression, but it is not reality. Sometimes others have to carry the hope for you. I have been helping people recover from depression for over 30 years. And people do recover.

I know that when people are depressed, they need practical help and they need to know that someone cares and will listen to them without judgment or pressure of any kind. No one feels good when they are depressed, but the richness and pleasures of life are still there, and you can enjoy them again.


Therapy for Depression


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