It’s hard to feel happy when you’re not feeling close to your mate. You question the relationship and wonder why you have so much trouble communicating, why you keep having the same argument over and over, both of you talking and not feeling heard.

You sometimes fear that you’ve lost the romance and ability to have fun with each other. You worry about ever feeling close again, or if you’ll ever break out of negative patterns.

Here are some of the areas where I can help:

Communication Skills

Dealing with Conflict

The Transition to Parenthood

Parenting Concerns

Sexual Difficulties


Premarital Counseling

Coping with in-laws and step-children

We all need home to be a place of refuge, a place where we are understood and loved. Few of us grew up with positive models of being a family. Few of us feel prepared for the stresses that living together, working, and raising children present.

My focus is on creating a safe place for couples to understand each other and themselves. This includes helping them manage conflict, communicate more clearly, and develop skills in listening. I help people talk about sex and have a more satisfying intimate relationship.

Research shows that couples wait an average of six years from the time they know they need counseling until they actually get some help. There is no reason to put off doing something that can help you be happier and have the relationship you want.


Couples Therapy


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